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"Roundup kills weeds, but does it harm us?"

09/01/11 22:55:41
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Roundup kills weeds, but does it harm us?
The world's most widely used herbicide has been detected in the air and water on some agricultural areas well beyond the times of year when it is applied, suggesting the potential for environmental and health impacts, two studies by the U.S. Geological Survey found.
The research focused on tracking glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, in Mississippi and Iowa.
"The real significance of this study is the documentation that it is present in the streams year-round in warm areas like Mississippi where it is used on crops from spring to fall," Paul Capel, nike jordan shox verkaufena study co-author and head of the agricultural chemicals team at the U.S. Geological Survey, told msnbc.com. "It is also present most of the time in the air and rain most of the time."
"The almost continual occurrence of the chemical suggests that subtle environmental impacts be considered and investigated," he added.
Capel said glyphosate was found in every stream sample examined in Mississippi in a two-year period and in most air samples taken.
"So people are exposed to it through inhalation," said Capel.
In Iowa,glasses GUCCI shoes verkaufenon the other hand, levels were not observed outside of the growing season. Capel attributed that to several factors, including a relatively shorter growing season and a colder climate.
"The direct toxicity of glyphosate to humans and animals is very low, so the direct effect is not significant," he said, but what's needed are more tests to determine if glyphosate might be harmful to people and the ecosystem over long-term, low-level exposure.

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